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Questions tagged [winter]

Questions and discussions about preparing a vehicle for winter, either stored or in use. Appropriate tags should be used with this according to the part being discussed (e.g. tyres)

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24 votes
14 answers

How long should I let my car warm up in the winter?

I have been reading mixed reviews about how long to let your car warm up before driving in the winter months. Most of the articles say that the best way to warm it up is to let it idle for 1-2 minutes,...
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4 answers

Best routine for making a frozen car driveable

With temperatures below zero it's always difficult to get going even if the engine itself starts without hiccups and I'd like to know what to do better so that I don't need to wait ten minutes before ...
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3 answers

Car Wash in Winter - Good Idea? / Bad Idea?

I live in an area that gets a fair amount of snow and ice, and so the winter months usually have salt on the roads. Presumably, that salt stays around as a dry crust or in puddles until the next ...
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Why use snow tires on all 4 wheels on 2-wheel-drive cars?

In a car without four-wheel drive—if the car provides drive power on only two wheels—why put snow tires on all four wheels when the freeze sets in? Would it not be sufficient to change just the drive ...
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2 answers

What are the pros and cons of having "summer wheels" and "winter wheels"?

I bought a lightly used VW GTI last year, and it has alloy rims I have been in SoCal, so the weather is pretty fine, but we're moving to the midwest :(. Should I plan on buying steel crappy-ugly-...
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7 votes
7 answers

How does cold, dry weather affect horsepower?

It's now properly winter over here in Australia, and the butt dyno is very favourable of the cold, dry air. It's like a free cold air intake for everyone, right?? I can think of two scientific ...
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Van sliding door frozen shut

I recently purchased a 2004 Toyota Sienna. the winter weather is freezing my sliding doors shut. I dont think it's the locking mechanism freezing Because that opens when I push the unlock Button. ...
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3 answers

Is it okay to leave a car outside in the winter without driving it for 1 month?

I'm working in Grinnell Iowa for a year. I plan on traveling to the east coast for a few weeks in December- 1 month at most. The town is really tiny so there's practically no options for covered ...
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3 votes
5 answers

How to drive a car in snow [closed]

I have never driven a car in a region where it snows. I am planning on a vacation to states where it snows and would want to be prepared to drive in snow. What necessary steps/precautions can I take. ...
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How to best deal with ice buildup on inside front window of car?

No I am not trolling. Unfortunately I don't have a garage or underground parking and as such the car is exposed to the elements in winter. Recently to my bafflement I have had ice buildup all over the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is it better for your vehicle to let it warm up before driving it? [duplicate]

I always get into arguments with my boyfriend about cars we both think we are right. (Pretty typical) so I thought I'd get some answers to a few questions, and opinions from some unbiased outsiders. ...
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