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Vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Produced from 1994 to 2003. Rebadged in 2004 as Freestar. Production was halted in 2007.

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How long will battery last if disconnected at full charge during winter?

My car won't be driven during the winter, so from about November through March (5 months) it will sit idle. If I disconnect the negative terminal on the car battery when it's at full charge, should I ...
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What causes pink spark plugs?

Vehicle: 2000 Ford Windstar, 3.8L V6 engine, automatic transmission, 166,000 km, recently purchased, was brought to me for some torubleshooting and minor repairs Symptoms: Occasional hesitation ...
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2002 Ford Windstar only blowing hot

Helping a neighbor with her 2002 Windstar and it is having an issue with the climate control. At the moment, it only blows hot air (on and any setting for temp or vent direction) or no air at all (...
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Thin metal piece from 2003 Ford Windstar

I found a thin piece of metal under the front of my 2003 Ford Windstar van. It is somewhat circular and has three holes for bolts. It doesn't appear to be damaged. Any ideas about where this came ...
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Overflow reservoir bubbles after driving not overheating

My 95 Ford Windstar just had the radiator replaced. After driving there is bubbling in the overflow res. , engine is not overheating and water seems cool to touch in reservoir. I can smell antifreeze ...
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Why the different the colors of terminal corrosion on the battery?

I have a 2001 Ford Windstar. When I went to clean the battery terminals: the one with the RED cover over it was a bright blue color; the other had normal white corrosion. I do not know why the this ...
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Diagnosing Vehicle Brake Lamp Fuse Blowing; What to test next?

Fuse keeps blowing when I press the brake pedal on a 98 Windstar. Brake switch is good. Inserted new fuse and the brake lamps do not light up before the fuse blows. Removed all bulbs front and back ...
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Ford 2000 wind star , tool slid into hallow area above front driver side wheel

How do i open the area up to retrieve the tool it slid down into it through the opening under the drivers side windshield wiper then into this hallow area above the wheel
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2005 Ford Windstar constantly blows windshield wiper fuse

I'm curious what options there are for non-mechanics in diagnosing and correcting an issue where fuses for the Windshield Wipers on my 2005 Ford Windstar Mini-Van keep blowing? Upon placing the new ...
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2 answers

How to troubleshoot headlights intermittently on and off with headlights switched off?

I have a 2000 Ford Windstar. The headlights (and parking/tail lights) intermittently come on (and off), even after the headlights are switched off. Typically, after parking, I'll turn off the ...
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2003 Windstar Sliding doors wont open from the inside

I just bought a 2003 windstar. Both sliding doors will not open with the inside handles. The child safety switches on the inside of the door are down, (disengaged), but the inside handles appear to ...
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In Columbus, Ohio. 28 degrees out for last 9 hrs. Only water in radiator.Can I start and drive safely?

99 Ford Windstar. I kept water in all summer or else it ran hot. Been trying to get antifreeze in through the top because I had no money to pay to find and fix problem, now since cooler outside, water ...
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