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Questions tagged [windshield]

A transparent protective shield made of glass and polymers that is mounted in front of the driver on a motor vehicle

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Best routine for making a frozen car driveable

With temperatures below zero it's always difficult to get going even if the engine itself starts without hiccups and I'd like to know what to do better so that I don't need to wait ten minutes before ...
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Does putting down the visors help defogging the windshield?

My old Fiat Marea Weekend had instructions for defogging the windshield on the inside of the driver's visor: Turn the blower on max Turn the heat on max Turn the recirculation off Put down ...
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Options for removing rear-window tint?

The rear-window tint on my car has bubbled badly preventing visibility so I've been trying to remove it. So far I have had no success and am nearing my wits end. So far I have tried: Spraying the ...
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What wears out windshield wipers?

If you use your windshield wipers when your windshield is mostly dry, are you damaging them at all? My understanding has been that using your wipers on a dry windshield increases the amount of ...
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Is Windex safe for the windshield?

I see conflicting information on whether or not Windex (or ammonia-based glass cleaners) is harmful for the windshield. For example, thoughtco claims: In reality, auto shops and auto-glass ...
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Possible cause of sudden breakage of windshield?

My father was driving at about 30/40 kmph with ambient temperature of about 30 degree Celsius, AC turned off, when the windshield shattered. I want to know the possible causes. I have nullified all ...
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How to remove windshield wiper-scratch?

Not realizing that the windshield cleaner fluid is near empty I wiped the windshield with few drops of fluid, as the windshield was dirty, the wiper wiped the dry dust against the windshield and that ...
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Is it bad to use household window/glass cleaners to clean the windshield?

Is it bad to use household window/glass cleaners to clean the windshield? This answer for example recommends using household cleaners but doesn't mention any downsides. On the other hand, this post ...
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Did this crack develop from cowl panel removal?

About a week ago I removed the cowl/scuttle panel for cleaning under the area. In the process I used a flat head to pick some clips up and when putting the cowl back due to bonnet being in may way I ...
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