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Questions about windscreen/windshield wipers, their motors, linkages and wiring

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4 answers

How do I deal with frozen washer fluid?

Now that temperatures are dropping below freezing, I decided to fill my wiper fluid reservoir with winterized fluid. I used almost an entire bottle, so it must have been almost empty, but there was ...
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Shorted electrical, lots of things not working

I was installing a boost gauge, and must've shorted something out because now my turn signals, fog lights, ac blower, and wipers don't work. I checked the fuses but they weren't blown. How can I ...
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3 answers

MA Inspection rejected due to wiper blades. For real?

I took my car to my dealer to get inspected and they tried to pressure me into buying some new wiper blades from them for ~$40. The blades are only 6 months old, and the car is otherwise in great ...
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How do I find wiper refills for my 2008 Nissan Frontier?

I never had any trouble finding wiper blade refills for my 1998 Honda Accord or 2000 Toyota Echo. They were inexpensive because all you bought was the rubber part of the blade. The steel strips to ...
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Where is the Wiper Relay/Control Module located on a 1994-1998 Ford Mustang???

I am trying to repair my wipers, there is no voltage in the wires that connects to the wiper motor. I checked the fuses and current is passing through them, so they are ok. I think the Wiper Relay (...
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