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Questions tagged [windshield-washer]

A device for cleaning the external glass of a vehicle by spraying jets of water.

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We drained brake fluid from windshield washer reservoir with Dawn and warm water. Any other steps necessary?

On my 2013 Ford C-max, someone poured brake fluid into the windshield washer reservoir after being told the "yellow cap". Quickly realizing the mistake we disconnected the hose from the ...
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Windscreen washer thing

There is a hole in the part that holds my water for washing my windscreen on my 2003 Subaru Outback and I wanted to know is it expensive to fix this and can you do it yourself if you get a secondhand ...
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Windshield wiper fluid in a temperate climate

I've moved to the west coast from the east coast and am now living in a place where it'll never snow again. PHEW! I was getting sick of the snowmageddons. But with the weather so nice, I wonder what ...
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how to follow and test the electrical diagram

Hi I am working on a Peugeot 307 2001 petrol and my washer are not working I just need some help in understanding the electrical wiring diagram I have the manual. This is the first time I have uses ...
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