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Windshield replacement damaged molding?

I just recently had a windshield replaced by safelite. I noticed when I got the car back, both the driver side and passenger side plastic molding at the bottom of the windshield is separated about a ...
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Temporary windshield seal fix

I have a BMW E46 coupe with a water leak. I believe it to be a bad windshield seal, see the attached pic: Is this likely to be the cause of the leak? What can I use as a temporary fix until I get a ...
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Rust UNDER windshield

I have some rust under my windshield at the top edge where the trim is usually black. The rust is showing through the windshield when looking from outside the vehicle. Should I be worried about this,...
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proper glue for reattaching windshield molding

I am looking for the best glue to reattach some windshield molding that started peeling away in some 100+ deg weather last year. Since then and recently I have removed the top and sides, cleaned out ...
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