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P0430 CEL with A/F Sensor: Sensor or catalytic converter? (Wide Range Sensor 1) [duplicate]

Normally compare Sensor 1 & 2 voltages BUT sensor 1 is A/F type and has steady voltage. NOTE: Using Torque Pro, there is no Sensor 1 Voltage data available (or should I be looking for a Sensor 1 ...
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Can the same O2 sensor provide narrowband and wideband output simultaneously?

Is there an O2 sensor that has wideband and narrowband readings all-in-one? I wanted something like this to get a good air fuel ratio readout while keeping the stock ECU which uses narrowband.
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Are widebands known to go lazy over time?

I know narrowbands can go lazy with time, but what about widebands? This is a sequel to the cold-start misfire mystery. It turns out that we were looking at the wrong PID's for the front O2 sensor ...
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How inaccurate is the stock wideband 02 sensor in the SG9 Subaru Forester XT at WOT

As the title suggests, I'm trying to get concrete data on how inaccurate the stock wideband O2 sensor is in the Subaru Forester XT (MY06 to MY08). I am attempting to create a custom map for the car ...
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Why would one install widebands on vehicles that are setup for narrowbands?

A recent post on one of the forums I frequent has piqued my curiosity. From my limited reading on the topic, widebands do a better job of quantifying air-fuel ratios than their narrowband ...
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