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broken lug bolt - nut still on - can't remove wheel

I was replacing the brake pads on my 2014 Scion XB and the lug bolt is broken. I can't put enough pressure on the nut to take it off as the bolt with the nut can just jostle around even going in and ...
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Broken wheel studs

A few months ago, I picked up a cheap 2005 4Runner V8 2WD, which had a slight front-end vibration that I wisely ignored until recently. A week or so ago, I felt a pretty severe thunk from the front ...
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How can I drill out broken black oxide bit?

I am trying to drill out a lug on my old Dakota pickup truck. The cap came off the lug nut. I tried a nut extractor which basically carved the bolt into a nice circle. My next option was to drill ...
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Stuck wheel bolt, how to remove?

How can a get a REALLY stuck wheel bolt off my 2016 BMW? So far I’ve tried: A 450mm breaker bar standing on the end of it GT85 lubricant and the breaker bar again An impact driver with 500nm of ...
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If over tightening wheel studs can cause them to wear/break, why do most mechanics use impact guns?

An impact gun seems to tighten a nut as far as it will go therefore I guess this is over tightening. If over tightening can cause wheel studs to damage/break then why do most mechanics use impact ...
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Security lug nut key with a rotating washer on top

I have lost my security log nut remover for a 2010 VW Routan station wagon, and it has a rotating washer in the front I tried every tire shop possible to remove it they said they cant, I don't know ...
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How to Remove Volkswagen Jetta 2007 Wheel

Can anyone tell me what to use to get this wheel off? I have a breaker bar but the lug bolt seems to be missing from the car. It has 9-points, so it is not an XZN triple square like I thought.
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Is it ok to remove and tighten lug nuts with a 3/8" ratchet?

Is this ok or does one really need the 1/2 inch, if so why?
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Will putting a 5x115 lug pattern wheel on 5x114.3 fit?

If it fits, will driving with it cause any damage? It is intended as a full-size spare, though I might consider getting a full set in the future. The car is 2008 Hyundai Elantra SE. I'm finding no ...
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Grease on wheel bolts or not?

My father (an engineer, but not an auto mechanic) taught me to use a tiny dab of machine grease on the thread (not the rim) of each wheel bolt. This would help against corrosion, and help when ...
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Does using an impact wrench instead of a breaker bar prevent damaging to nuts or bolts?

I broke two of my car's lug nut studs, and I had to take the car to mechanic for repair. The mechanic explained that sometimes lug nuts are highly over-torqued because all shops use impact gun to ...
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replacing wheel studs on a 92 Buick century

Some of my studs are crossthreaded from the last mechanic who replaced my tires and wasn't paying attention to his impact wrench. The problem is, there is no space to get the new studs in, and I had ...
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