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How does a modern automatic transmission know you're on a ramp? (making "1, 2" unnecessary on modern transmission)

I haven't rented a car in a while, and those are the only times when I drove cars with automatic transmission. In the past I always saw "1" and "2" on the shifter. If you're going ...
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Winch weight rating — What kind of pulling is intended?

I have an ATV winch rated for 2000 pounds. What kind of pulling is intended when considering the 2000 lb limit? Pulling a ...
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How does towing small trailer vs carrying multiple passengers affect the car?

I currently drive 2013 Subaru Impreza hatchback, which seats 5 people (1 driver, 3 comfortable passengers and 1 unfortunate passenger on the middle seat in the back row). Its towing rating in Canada ...
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Weight capacity of a 1-1/4" trailer axle?

I just got a used trailer, it has a 1-1/4" square dropped axle. The seller said it was good for a 3500lb capacity, and that it was a solid core. I'm skeptical of that. How do I tell what the true ...
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What does this engine weigh?

We have this old inline 6 engine on our property. We guess it is from a Chevy Panel Truck from 1963 (something like this: ...
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Alignment of red dot (uniformity mark) on tire when no white dot or dimple

I am new to tire markings, and have been reading what they mean. However, there is not one clear source of information what to do when there is no white dot/dimple on the rim (marking the rim's ...
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How much can I load on my trailer on my 2017 Subaru Legacy?

I have a 2017 Subaru Legacy with a standard trailer hitch installed at U-Haul. I pull a 5' by 8' utility trailer bought from Tractor Supply. I would like to carry multiple bookcases in the trailer ...
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Is RWD a good idea on a 2.5 tonne car? [closed]

Hypothetically speaking, if you were to produce a 2.5 tonne car what drive train configuration would suit it best? My initial thought would be a 4x4 set up as this is most common in heavier vehicles. ...
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How bar ends helps in reducing handle bar vibrations on motorcycle?

I understand the basics of the resonance and how it works. Now the case is, there are vibrations from my motorcycle engine which then gets transferred to the handlebar. The motorcycle came with ...
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How much can a van be overloaded?

I see that a specific Ducato can load up to 1400-1500 kg to reach the maximum allowed gross weight of 3500 kg. I guess that's a limitation imposed by the law (a special license is needed above 3500 ...
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What happens when one hugely exceeds towing capacity of an electric vehicle?

I've came across stunts with Tesla X towing huge weight: over 100 tons of muck and even a Boeing Dreamliner jet. I haven't found any clue as to one or the other video being rigged, so I assume the ...
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What part of a car makes it tilt to the inside of a turn?

When a car turns left, the centrifugal force puts more of the weight of the car on the right wheels. And yet when watching speeding cars, it's the the left front side of the car that's closer to the ...
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Trailer Hitch Limits on 2007 PT Cruiser

I'm planning on moving and driving my 2007 PT cruiser from the Phoenix, AZ to Chicago, IL regions - A trip that is roughly 1700 miles, I believe. I will be loading up most of my belongings into the ...
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Is a bigger car safer than a smaller car? [closed]

From the point of view of mass, a smaller car appears to be a disadvantage if in an accident with a bigger car, because the change in momentum of the smaller car will probably be higher. A bigger car ...
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Most effective weight reduction in modern cars?

This question forked from another question about budget performance upgrades from another user. Weight reduction came up, and rather than hijack that discussion, I thought I'd start a new one here. ...
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Razor Dirt Quad kids ATV payload limit [closed]

What is the maximum "payload" (read: the weight the atv can carry besides itself) of the Razor Dirt Quad kids ATV? The specs say product weight is 89 lbs and something called "Max" is 120 lbs. The ...
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How much does a driver weigh?

I was amused when I saw one of the statistics for my VW Passat B5.5 car, which stated as follows: Kerb weight with driver - 1425kg I know this is a very weird question and I hope its not too ...
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Front of the car(sedan) hitting speed bumps when approached at right angle

The front end of my sedan hits on bumps if I approach at a right angle. The mid/rear portion of the car doesn't hit bumps and mid/rear clearance is decent however the front clearance is poor. My doubt ...
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Is it safe to overload the roof rails?

According to the manual, the "permissible" load for the standard rails is 35kg. I need to take two Kayaks around with me, which in total weight is about 40-45kg. Would I unintentionally turn my 2003 ...
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