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Questions tagged [weather-dependent]

For issues which are confirmed to be, or appear to be, weather-related. Problems where the issue only occurs during at a particular temperature X°, for example. This tag is also relevant for issues seemingly related to rain, moisture, or humidity.

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Camry window problem

I have a Toyota Camry 2010. Each year it gets worse. The driver’s window always rolls down and up. But if it has been sitting there and it is hot the other three windows won’t roll down from the ...
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How to find this part and repair my Honda Civic 2014 rear window

Car is Honda Civic 2014 Sedan This plastic part in my car's left rear window got broken. I am not sure how to search for the replacement as I do not know what this part is called. Could anyone please ...
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For most car insurers in USA / Canada who give discount for Winter tires, do "All Season tires" qualify? [closed]

My CRV has Michelin Premier LTX "All Season" tires. For most car insurers in USA / Canada who offer a discount on insurance premium when tires are changed seasonally with "Winter tires&...
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1 vote
2 answers

Can warm weather cause cracked car paint?

Can warm weather and sun (25 degrees celsius or 77 degrees fahrenheit) cause cracks like these? More detailed backstory. I sent my car to a company for 3 layer polish. Got it back, left it in a ...
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Door speakers rain damage

I recently installed new front door speakers in my 2009 Cobalt, and they've sounded great until a rainstorm we had yesterday. Now, they are much quieter (when I fade the audio all the way to the rear, ...
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Trucks fuel economy dependence on weather

I am searching scientific data and studies on the link between weather and fuel consumption in HDV (heavy duty trucks). For now I have found almost nothing. Can anyone help?
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Diesel van not starting in hot weather

I have a self-built motorhome, Renault Master, 2003, with about 100k and a G9U engine, which does not start when I park it in the sun in the hot weather. Part of this is due to the immobiliser ring ...
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1 answer

‘98 saab 900 dies during the summer heat

My 1998 saab 900 turbo has been dying while driving. The issue only happens when it is very hot outside. After running the engine for 10-15 minutes my cars tachometer will jump up and down ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Brakes still smoke in hot weather despite replacing a plethora of parts

This is a 1999 Dodge Caravan 6 cylinder 3.3 FWD. When driving in cool weather the van drives fine. When driving in warmer weather the brake gets hard and acceleration is little. The driver-side front ...
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Does Electrical Corrosion Increase During Seasonal Change?

There seems to be an excessive number of Questions being posted where the issue seems to point to electrical issues due to corrosion. I am wondering if this is perhaps seasonally related? The influx ...
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