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Water leaking into the passenger compartment or the trunk.

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How can I fix my cracked radiator temporary for a trip? Is there any way to do it?

My car is a Chevrolet Lumina 2001. About 2 months ago I changed the radiator of my car because it was leaking, the guy that changed the radiator got the radiator in a junk yard place for cheap price. ...
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Is It Harmful to Have a Small Gap at the Bottom of Trunk Weatherstrip?

I just replaced the trunk weatherstrip on my 1999 Civic coupe because the old one was rotting, rain was getting into the trunk, and I'm pretty sure that was the culprit. The replacement weatherstrip ...
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Water leaking into frame case/engine?

I just had my 2012 Mini Cooper S (66K miles) repaired last week last week for a failed/leaky water pump. My car had an episode where it overheated and shut down and wouldn't start after pulling over ...
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Sealing a roof leak

I have discovered a leak on the roof of my Honda Accord Tourer, most likely either through what appears to be the seam of the roof and side, or where the roof rails mount to the roof. I need to seal ...
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Water is dropping from car?

I bought a car yesterday. A 2009 Nissan. Today, I noticed that water is dripping under the front passenger seat. Is there anyone who knows what the source of the water might be?
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how to temporarily fix a gasket leak?

My thermostat gasket is leaking on my 00 Ford ka. Is there I sealant I can put around it as a temporary fix for a week or two before I can get it fixed?
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Ford Ka - Passenger footwell water leak

Ford Ka 2005 - Has developed a water leak in the passeneger footwell. Car has been back to garage, couple of times now but problem persists. Edit I've lost count the amount of times the car has ...
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Windshield leak

I appear to have a leak near the upper right hand corner of my passenger side windshield. At least that my guess. The leak was really only noticeable whilst driving down the road into heavy rain. Can/...
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Drying out wet carpet

My windows keep fogging up, even when it wasn't very cold outside. It seems to form in minutes and unlike regular fog, the droplets are massive! I have to run the AC on high for several minutes before ...
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How do I track down a leak?

During rain, you can feel a small drip on your feet on the passenger side of my 97 Subaru Legacy. How do I find the source of the leak?
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2000 Dodge Neon flooding problem

This is a very common problem with Dodge Neon cars. They flood in the back seats big time. I had this problem with 1998 Dode Neon (manual), then bough 2000 Neon. Inititially it did not flood at all ...
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Window Seal Leak

I have a 2008 Honda Civic that is currently leaking water into the backseat floorboards. We have done some diagnostics that have shown the seal on the outside of the window has separated from the ...
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