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wastegate accelerator is not opening

I have a 2011 Subaru WRX. I think the wastegate is not opening. Is the wastegate suppose to open while car in neutral and pushing on the gas, or just while driving in gear? Thanks.
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Boost control using two valves with a vac and boost reference for wide boost control range

Can someone explain how the above boost control setup would work. The valve on the left uses a vac source applied to the top of the diaphram which would effectively help hold the spring closed at high ...
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Replace whole turbocharger or only the waste-gate actuator?

I have an Opel Astra H Caravan 2008 1.7 CDTI 81kW (type 0035/AHO). I started having some problems with the turbocharger. After reaching a certain velocity on the highway the car suddenly loses power ...
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What exactly is porting a wastegate and what situations would I want to do it in?

I've seen it mentioned that some people should port their wastegate on their turbocharged vehicles. Usually, this seems to be recommended in some situations where the car is overboosting past the ...
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What is the function of a blow-off valve vs a wastegate?

I am waiting for a 2013 STI and have been looking into upping the performance, but before I go down that road I would like to thoroughly understand the components in a forced induction vehicle. I've ...
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