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Spark plugs black soot Virago 250 - came back after cleaning and adjustment

My Virago 250 was running very unevenly, losing power, surging etc. I took out the spark plugs and saw the electrodes were covered in soot. I thoroughly cleaned the plug tips with a wire brush, ran ...
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1982 Virago 750 starting problem; not starter problem but carburetor problem

Recently restored my 82 Virago which has ~80,000 miles. Have been around states 3 times. Ever since new, to start cold I would only have to engage choke lever all the way and give no turns on the ...
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1982 Yamaha Virago 750 won't start

The previous owner I have gotten this bike from let it sit for years, knowing this I rebuilt the carbs changed the oil and put in a new battery it also had a bad starter so I replaced that as well. ...
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Virago sat for 15 years, won't start

My boyfriend owns a 1982 Yamaha Virago 750 and it's getting too much gas and won't start. Mind you that the bike had sat for 15 years before he got it. Help please.
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DIY: Prepare Virago for both tall and short riders

Background I currently ride a Honda Africa Twin and my wife rides a stock Virago 535, just like this: I will soon sell my Africa Twin and we'll keep only the Virago, but I'm not very familiar with ...
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Yamaha Virago XV125 registration year

I have a Yamaha Virago XV125 on a Y plate, this gives the year 2001, but the V5C says the date of first reg is 2000 and DVSA say that it's 2001, who do I trust for this?? (I'm sure Yamaha stopped ...
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1995 Yamaha virago 535 Fuel pump problem

On my 1995 Yamaha virago 535, why does the fuel pump click 10 or so times before trying to start? I've replaced the fuel pump and fuel pump relay. It still has the clicking issue and will not start.
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