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Questions tagged [vibration]

A very rapid moving back and forth of an engine part or piece of vehicle body or chasis.

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9 answers

Strong vibrations when idling even after replacing engine mounts (automatic transmission)

I have a '93 Acura Integra with automatic transmission. Ever since I got it some time ago the car has been vibrating a lot when stopped at a light, for example. The vibration is worse when in gear ...
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Why does my clutch "bounce"?

'97 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L, though I doubt the phenomenon is that specific. Sometimes, when I accelerate normally from a light or a stop sign (at the same rate as everyone around me) while keeping the ...
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Car shaking when braking

I got a used car. I notice that on speeds higher than 80Km and when I brake, the car shakes. The shaking is very soft, it is not tough and it is not every time. I noticed it twice on a 2 hours journey ...
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What is causing this terrible grinding/groaning noise when I come to a slow stop sometimes? (but not always!)

Update 11/9/2013 After a good bit of driving, the noise reoccurred. I took it back to the mechanic and we decided it must be the brake pads. They're pretty worn out, and like I said before, they're ...
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New engine and clutch, have weird vibration @3K RPM

I just replaced (well, had someone else replace) the engine in my 06 Solstice. The engine runs great for the most part (will open a separate question about that), but there is a weird vibration at ...
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Is it normal for the car to vibrate on the BITE when no gas is given in a manual transmission?

Is it normal for the car to vibrate on the biting point when no gas is given? When I give enough gas it seems fine but not when I very slowly release the clutch and hold at the biting point. Is this ...
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3 answers

What are the possible causes of vibrating steering wheel?

What can be the cause of a vibrating steering wheel when driving faster than a specific velocity (let's said 60 mph). How to discriminate one cause from on other ?
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4 answers

2009 Toyota Camry 2AZFE idle vibration remains after new motor mounts

My wife's Camry went in to the shop 2 months ago for a rough idle. We bought the car used in February with 72K miles. We've put on 10K and decided to have a mechanic look it over and tell us what it ...
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2 answers

Occasional Vibration at specific highway speeds.

Symptom: At certain speeds (70 mph, 40 mph, etc.) there is a noticeable vibration. Vehicle: 1998 GMC Sonoma (2 wheel drive) The vehicle was purchased used and had similar symptoms at the time. ...
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Front-end metallic vibration noise - poorly lubricated brakes?

I have a manual-transmission 2008 Mazda 3 I. For the past day or two, I have detected a somewhat quiet metallic vibration noise coming from the front-end of my car. Some things I have noted: The ...
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2 answers

Vibrating sound and shaking when turning the wheel after changing timing belt?

On Monday I went to the mechanic to replace a ripped timing belt (red arrow in the picture). He also replaced some wheelie that was damaged. He told me that green circled box in the picture was the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Engine is vibrating when idle and seems like missfiring

I have been reading through the issue I am currently having for the last two days (including the questions posted here), but still cannot find the reason for the engine to behave like it is now. The ...
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What is my next step in figuring out the root cause of a steering wheel shimmy

I have a 2006 BMW M3. Since I put on wider wheels with wider tires in the front for track use (from 225 19" to 255 18") there is a wobble / shimmy between 70-80 MPH that can be felt in the ...
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Tire Vibration from right rear tire at high speeds

The tire appeared to have a slow leak as I kept having to add air to it. So, I used Fix a Flat and now I have vibration at high speeds from that tire. What do you think might be the problem. I have ...
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