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Vauxhall/Opel/GM Vivaro 'Alarm Pre-installation Kit'?

My mate, upon having just obtained a Vivaro 1.6 CDTI, read something in the manual and I'm curious as to what the 'Alarm Pre-Installation Kit' is. I've never heard of anything like this, and looking ...
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van sliding doors frozen shut

I have asked this question in the past. followed advice and still have issue. See Van sliding door frozen shut I recently purchased a 2004 Toyota Sienna. I do not have electric doors. when it is cold ...
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more problems with the hyundai entourage

thank you for the help on my last question. we ran into some more issues with the 2007 hyundai entourage. did what you had said with the transmission arm and linkage. yet the van wont start. so I ...
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'Clicking' problem with dodge sprinter 2004 - won't crank

I recently purchased my 2004 Dodge Sprinter 3500 used at 149,000 miles. I'm converting it into a camper van. Every other time I open the door to the sprinter, this clicking sound starts. It goes for ...
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What options exist for adding three seats with 3 point seatbelts to a MWB Ford Transit?

Vehicle 2006 MWB Ford Transit 280 with dual sliding doors panel van Context A campervan conversion with fixed double bed, small sink and hob combo. Insulated with recycled plastic throughout. The ...
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Ford E150 1994 stalling rough idling and shaking

Having an issue with a Ford E150 1994 van . The issue is that the van stalls , has rough idle and shakes a lot. once the gear is put into drive. I tried a few things I replaced the air intake control ...
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Emergency brake light is on and stays on

The van (iveco daily, sorry don't know the type anymore) of my father has a brake warning light on. Once I removed te cover I saw it was a single wire that was disconnected from the switch. I thought ...
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2009 Chrysler T&C Van - power door repair

Our driver side back power door will not work... it seems that something had gotten caught in it and now it will not move the door on its' own. It makes the sound, but doesn't move it. I am assuming ...
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2005 Ford E150 Econoline

hope someone can help with this. I have what seems to be a strange problem. When accelerating to at least 2400 RPM in 1st gear and then completely removing my foot from the gas, the engine RPM ...
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Diesel van not starting in hot weather

I have a self-built motorhome, Renault Master, 2003, with about 100k and a G9U engine, which does not start when I park it in the sun in the hot weather. Part of this is due to the immobiliser ring ...
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98 Dodge Ram van b2500, 5.2L gas, 223k miles, runs great overall......stumbles when cold.

OK, the title spells it out, I need some direction from you guys, thanks in advance. Have not really had time to dig-around, so if anyone can offer me a direction on where to look, much appreciated!!...
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ford connect clutch?

looking for advice Van facing uphill (steep) in neutral handbrake on, get back in van would'nt pull uphill at all with over revving then clutch smell, had to put it in reverse for a few feet before ...
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Remove Mood Lighting on 1994 Ford Econoline E150 Magnum van

I will be removing the Mood Lighting . Do I need to disconnect the battery for that? It is possible I might still use some of it and redirect it to my solar energy. I would appreciate any help I can ...
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What in the heyl is this thang?

I done bought me a mysterious 1998 5.4 v8 ford van. Econoline series. Done some snoopin under the hood and found this dang weird plastic box just hangin... danglin there zip tied to the dang high ...
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Van won't start, clicking sound

got a Toyota hiace from 98, we just accidentally caused a short by mis-connecting the batteries. Replaced one battery, both show a correct voltage, but the van won't start. Dashboard lights won't come ...
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