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4 answers

How are rotary valves sealed

I have been looking for information on how rotary valves are sealed, but have not had much luck. Coates has engines with them, and they are oil less to boot or so they claim, but how do you get them ...
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2 answers

SOHC System Engine [closed]

My car is Chrysler 300C V6 2013 with SOHC So it write 24 valve as you explain have to 12 valves Because you say each Cylender on top only 2 valves it means my car have to 12 valves but actualy 24 ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Which side of the engine does this mean?

I inherited a '79 F-350 along with its half-rebuilt 400ci. The push rods, rocker arms and lifters are (somewhat) neatly placed in a labeled box, but I'm at a loss as to what the fellow meant with his ...
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VW 2.0 TSI jumped time, could the valves be ok?

I've got a VW CC 2.0 TSI that seems to have had the timing chain tensioner fail causing you to jump time (cranks fast but will confirm tomorrow). Is there any chance that the cylinder head/valves ...
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Madza scrum but has k6 engine suzuki 3piston

Top cam shaft and cam cups shaking and seem need new ones but is there any chance to repair existing ones?
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