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Valve Guide Replacement - 1988 Jeep Wrangler

I've done some valve guide replacements on motorcycles. In the process I've typically done I heat the head up in an oven to about 300 F and shoot nitrogen into the guide which shrinks it and it ...
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5 votes
2 answers

engine push rods

I have a Toyota owner Jeep. Had a blown head gasket, most likely cause it got over heated. I removed the head and had machine shop do a valve job and had the head re-surfaced, put together, set the ...
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Flathead 8RT stuck valves — how to free 'em up?

I bought a '42 SnoGo last fall (with a newer flathead in it, an 8RT) that had sat unused for some time, at least fifteen years. Well, you just can't do that here in Alaska and hope to get away with it....
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