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I have a 1999 yamaha r1 and it bogs out really bad

So I've cleaned the carbs twice on this bike and its like it's not getting enough fuel because it will only run on starting fluid and I've cleaned the tank and got new hoses and still the same problem ...
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Fuel tank pressure - leaking gases and gasoline

Hi! A pleasure coming to this site, hope I knew about it before! I own a VW Golf 4 R32 (euro), which from time to time, starts leaking gases and fuel from the fuel tank's cap. The amount of fuel ...
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What is a valid range for Intake Manifold Pressure while driving on +60mph?

So today I was monitoring my car data and logging everything, when I was driving on the highway going +60mph and on ~2500RPM, my intake manifold pressure read +10Psi. I read it's usually near 5Psi. On ...
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Could a vacuum leak cause a drop in manifold absolute pressure?

I've been doing some reading and speaking to a mechanic trying to diagnose a hesitation and rough idling issue. I think I've ruled out a vacuum leak by spraying flammable gas around the seals and not ...
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Car starts for 47 sec and then slowly stalls and dies every time

I own a Nissan 300zx Z31 1985, a car which has been having the same recurring problem almost a dozen times now. I am usually able to fix this issue, however the fix is never successful permanently. ...
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Excessive leaking from injectors

I changed the timing chain and tensioner in a 1.6hdi diesel, so twin camshafts has a timing chain and tensioner connecting them. The chain didn't break rather it slipped 5 notches. The repair seemed ...
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Saab 9-5 (2006) engine lamp on - a loose hose found under the hood

When I start the engine of a Saab 9-5 (2006), the engine lamp is always on. I am not sure but I found two loose hoses. One of them I connected as shown in the image below. Could someone confirm that ...
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02 Escape still sucking air after new upper and lower air intake gaskets

I can hear it. Plus acceleration is slow and the EGR keeps going off. I have replaced the EGR with a junkyard one and it didn't fix the problem so I want to fix the vacuum leak before I spend money on ...
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