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Engine service required comes on when accelerating hard resets when stop car and switch off the engine but come back on when next accelerating

Volvo V70 2005 The engine works fine until I accelerate then the engine service comes on and engine goes into slow mode until stopped and engine restarted
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Trailer tail lights still on when ignition is off

After having attaching a trailer hitch to a Volvo V70 2005 the tail lights keep glowing even when ignition is off. Therefore I have two questions: Is it normal on some cars? If not any ideas what ...
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Mass Flow Sensor missing

I've recently purchased a Volvo V70 I 2.4 (106kW, 1998, manual) and wanted to check the mass flow sensor for issues. But it appears that my car has none, even though I've seen them in all pictures and ...
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Volvo V70 I stalling when accelerating too much

I've recently bought a Volvo V70 I 2.4 (106 kW, gasoline, 1998), and on the way back home from the seller the car died several times when starting from a standstill, until finally a few hundred meters ...
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Volvo V70 headlight is dim with a purple hue

My 2014 Volvo V70 D4 started having issues with the headlights. On the right side, the low beam (and also high beam, same device) are at perhaps 70% effect and have a noticeable purple tint. I also ...
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V70 reported low oil level, but stick says it's fine and now the message is gone, what happened?

I have a 2006 Volvo V70. When I was driving yesterday, the car displayed a notification that the oil level was low and I should top it off. Since this was a non-urgent notification (as opposed to a ...
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Jump starting when boot is locked Volvo bifuel v70

I can't jump start my Volvo V70 as my boot is locked.I have been told that I can jumpstart it on the engine ,but where? Battery is in the's a bifuel estate.
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Volvo V70 turn light activator

The left stick behind the steering wheel is missing a piece as you can see here: I was wondering if this is replaceable and if so what the part number would be. Thanks in advance.
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Volvo Turn Signal Light Problem

My dad has an old Volvo V70 from 2001. One of the blinkers (that yellow light that you turn on if you go left or right) is not working properly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We opened ...
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