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Volvo V50 1,6 Diesel acceleration problem and total stop

I own a Volvo V50, 1,6 Diesel. Just yesterday I experience this problem. When accelerating the motor does not respond fast enough and after a minute it stops totally. It’s -8 C. Can it be the cold ...
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Meaning of DTC Code 4331 for Volvo EPS (Electrical Power Steering Module)

It's possible I am reading the scan tool wrong or it is investigating a module that does not exist. For a 2008 Volvo S40 I get the following: EPS - Electrical Power Steering Module 4331(1/1) Not ...
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Diesel leak by fuel injector on Volvo V50 2007

So for a time now there has been diesel undeneath the fuel injectors. Could this be a simple o-ring seal gone rogue? Or a destroyed copper washer? There seems to be a little puddle of diesel by ...
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