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1 answer

Locking car with key fob

I have a Lexus is250. I lock my car once and after few seconds after it unlocks. Any reason why it’s doing this?
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2006 Scion XB sometimes unlocks doors, sometimes doesn't

My 2006 Scion XB has some problems with unlocking the doors. Sometimes when I press the unlock button it doesn't unlock the driver and passenger door. So when I try to do it manually by pulling up the ...
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1 answer

Ford 6000 CD radio code locked [closed]

I have a 2009 Ford with the following radio ID: V023619 can anyone tell me the code to unlock? Thanks
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No power and door lock is stuck - how to unlock 2009 Honda Fit

My daughter has a 2009 Honda Fit. It seems someone has done something to the car which has caused the battery to go flat. Also, the only door key (driver's side) won't unlock the door. Since the ...
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