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honda unircorn missing problem when increase in throttle

i have a honda unicorn when i increase the rpm to 5000 there is a missing problem but when i change the gear(UP or DOWN) or decrease the rpm it will gone. again it happens when i increase
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Unicorn speed and pickup problem

I purchased used unicorn bike 3 months ago. Its speed gets decreased suddenly on elevation road and pick up is not good at all. Please advise regarding this issue.
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2 answers

Tick-Tick noise / sound on Honda CB Unicorn 160

Last week I bought Honda CB Unicorn 160, I'm getting Tick-Tick sound after turned off the engine on silencer for even short ride, it's just 2 k.m. or a mile. What will be the problem ? How do fix it ?...
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Honda Unicorn skids every time I use the rear brakes only

Honda Unicorn 160cc motorcycle skids every time I quickly hit the rear brakes. Even at slow speeds such as 10kph (about 6mph) Is there a problem with my riding style or could it be the bike? I have ...
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