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Questions tagged [two-stroke]

A type of internal combustion engine where all of the cycles of combustion occur in one 360 rotation of the crankshaft.

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Jet Boat, Cavitation or Misfire?

My jet boat is making a 'putting' noise when trying to accelerate. You can find all details regarding my boat here: My Boat Info The noise seems to happen in the mid-rpm range; 4,000 - 4,800 RPMS, ...
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Small edger engine - hard to start

I have a small edger 2-stroke that is hard to start. I cleaned plug, washed sponge air filter and it still won’t start. I sprayed starter fluid in air intake and it started. While running I put air ...
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Does a 2-stroke engine needs "break-in" after replacing cylinder and piston?

I just replaced cylinder and piston (with new gasket, rings, etc) in a 2-stroke 52cc string trimmer engine. It started at the first pull and sounds great, I let it run for 5 minutes, adjusted the carb ...
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Weed Wacker Not Running Properly

I have a Remington weed wacker that is ~2 years old. It worked great for the first 2 or 3 months but then I could not get it to work properly. I have tried new gas, new plug, adjusting the idle on ...
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2 stroke motorcycle is fouling spark plugs after stator change

I got a 1998 Yamaha TDR 125 (4FU) 2 stroke motorcycle. It has a Mikuni TM28SS/1 flat side carburetor. I recently had to change the stator coil (the previous one burned down, due to wet conditions), ...
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How can find if the CDI of my bike is working fine?

I have a 2001 Yamaha RX 135 2 stroke motor bike and have installed an aftermarket performance CDI which claimed to give me better performance and RPM rev. But since I have installed it I seem to feel ...
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Johnson 9.9 2 stroke wont idle anymore

I have a 1999 Johnson two-stroke 9 hp outboard motor. I have a 10 foot pelican that I put it on but the other day I almost flipped the boat after making a sharp turn, water got all in the boat about ...
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1997 Mercury 9.9 HP 2-Stroke starting issue

I've been banging my head on a starting issue with the outboard motor mentioned in the subject line (it's a manual pull-start). Problem is that when I pull it over, it doesn't sound/feel like it even ...
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two stroke engine with an oil pump? possible, why not?

so, in the two stroke engine, the fuel and air passes through the crank case, and it's said you can't have an oil sump in there because it would get consumed into the engine. However, I know like my ...
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Carburetor not drawing fuel from tank

So the title is kind of generic, but I am facing a bit of a weird situation. I am going to explain it first, but I also have some pictures at the end that might help. I have bought a cheap 2 stroke ...
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What's the power problem?

2-stroke marine engine (200 Yam) starts and revs just fine out of gear. Put into gear and will only achieve 40kph or so. Old petrol (50:1)? Changed tanks and new fuel - same. Boat hull dirty? A little,...
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Purpose and correct name of plastic inserts in 2-stroke cylinder

I recently replaced the cylinder and piston on a broken chainsaw 2-stroke engine and I found 2 plastic inserts inside the cylinder. I'm wondering what purpose these serve, and what the correct name ...
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My Two Wheeler scooter - Powers OFF Intermittently while driving

I am using a two wheeler (Petrol/Gasoline vehicle). I haven't driven the vehicle for like 30-40 days. Today I had a trouble turning ON the vehicle. After some tries, I managed to turn it ON ...
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Boring Engine Cylinders

I owned 1978 YAMAHA 175 Enduro (2 stroke) and i had to bore the engine cylinder and now i am using 1.00 piston in it.But i noticed that it's not speeding up above 80,when it reaches 80 it's like ...
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chainsaws&blowers: Any guides/instructions on installing DIY air pre-filters on units with weak OEM filters?

I really love the idea (in link below) of Echo's 'pre-filter' setup to ease/assist the actual/main air filter and would love to DIY something, am guessing a stiff-enough, heat tolerant mesh material ...
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50cc Scooter only runs when manually choking air intake

I bought a 50cc Yamaha Zuma off of craigslist, and it's had some aftermarket parts put on it (exhaust, 70cc big bore kit, new carb). I cleaned the carb and converted the throttle to a one cable set-up ...
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