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Is it appropriate/safe to butt splice old PVC to thin wall?

I'm in the middle of restoring a 1991 TVR S3, and need to replace the headlights. The old PVC wire needs to be stripped quite far back, and because I would prefer to use modern connectors (the ...
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Which motorcycle engine and transmission configuration would have a higher top speed? [closed]

Can a higher cc (displacement) bike with 5 speed transmission or a lower cc (displacement) bike with 6 speed transmission have higher top speed? Example: Yamaha R15 (150cc, 6-speed transmission) v/s ...
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3 votes
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TVS Apache RTR 160 - What Grade Engine Oil Should I Use?

I bought a TVS Apache RTR 160 second hand. I want to know what grade engine oil should i use for my bike. I was suggested to use 15W50. Is that a good choice. The bike has done almost 65000Kms.
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