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An exhaust-driven forced-induction device that increases an engine's power output and efficiency.

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Static vs. Effective compression: Why does higher effective compression not require higher octane gas?

Background I've been trying to do a lot of research on boost lately because I'm planning on running a moderate turbo setup on my daily/light-duty-autox car in the future. I'm trying to get into the ...
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Why do we need to cool air after it leaves a turbocharger?

When we are using a turbocharger to compress the incoming air, the air gets hotter. Usually this hot air is cooled by using an intercooler before it's passed to the engine. What is the reason behind ...
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How to deal with a hot turbocharger

A piece of advice that seems to be widely accepted is that after a long high-speed run, when the turbocharger is thoroughly hot, you should let the engine idle for a while before stopping it. The ...
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Why does a Turbocharger only produce boost when the engine is under load?

Why does a turbocharged car only produce significant boost whilst the engine is under load? Is is something to do with how much exhaust is being produced or is there some kind of valve mechanism that ...
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What happens to a car when it hasn't been driven for 12 years?

I'm hoping that I'll soon be the owner of 2l turbo charged, 4wd hatchback that's been sat in a garage, undriven for over a decade. Trouble is that I won't be able to give it a full inspection until I ...
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What is overboost?

I've heard the term overboost quite a lot. What is "bad" overboost? What is an overboost problem? What will happen to my turbo engine if I don't fix it? Edit: apparently there is a good type ...
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Why no exhaust gas turbine generator in hybrid vehicles?

I found something interesting on Wikipedia today: a hybrid turbocharger. This is a device that charges a battery with an exhaust gas turbine, and at the same time operates an air compressor using the ...
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Turbo Charging Suzuki Splash/Ritz

Can I turbo charge my Suzuki Splash/Ritz? Its a 1.2 liter petrol engine with 85HP. What types of engines can be turbo-charged. If it's possible, how would I do it?
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My new car was driven almost 100 miles without oil

I took my 2019 Mazda CX5 Turbo into a Mazda dealer for it's first 5,000 mile maintenance and while driving back to my town noticed that the check oil light was on. I called the service department and ...
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How to fix overboost for VW Tiguan 2009?

With a Tiguan when I go on 5 or 6 gear, I often get blinking light and reduced power. Then I can stop car, start it again, it works again. So I noticed that it happens more often when there is a load ...
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Do you really need to cool down your turbo after hard driving? [duplicate]

Vehicle: 2012 Subaru Sti I have been driving turbocharged cars for a while now and I have blatantly accepted that before shutting down you must let your car idle for a few minutes after driving hard ...
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How does a supercharger differ from a turbocharger?

What is the difference between superchargers and turbochargers? I looked it up before but I really don't understand what the difference is.
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Would a non-turbo diesel perform better in high altitudes than a comparable gasoline engine?

I live close to the Rocky Mountains and drive into them quite often. I have a small naturally-aspirated four-banger that tends to lose a very noticeable amount of power getting into the higher ...
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Oil draining out shortly after turbo hose detached/broke

My car is a VW Golf 5 1.9 TDI (77 kw), year 2005. Problem: Turbo hose broke Yesterday while driving on the highway with a speed of around 130-140 km/h I noticed a sound from the engine which was ...
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BMW 330D 2001 E46 Turbo Charger not working as expected after changing

I have a problem with my car. My car: BMW 330D, 135kw, 2001 year, E46. A week ago my turbo charger got broken when I was driving. There was a lot of white smoke going out of exhaust and there was no ...
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How to increase the lifespan of a diesel turbo?

Replacing a diesel engine's turbo costs a lot of money. How should a diesel car's owner drive, park and take care to insure that he/she gets the maximum km/miles out of his/her car's turbo?
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Audi A4 2007 2.0T boosts but poor performance, fuel economy

My 80,000 mile 2.0TFSI Turbo Audi has lost a lot of performance but produces no check-engine-light (CEL) or codes. One month ago an independent garage looked at it and did $2200 of work including ...
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Forced induction and engine braking

So does forced induction negate the effect of engine braking on compression motors? For example, going down an incline, drop into 3rd (automatic) to get some engine braking going. With my new Chevy ...
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How do I determine whether this vehicle has a turbocharger?

This is a 1999 Suburban, which did not have any aftermarket turbocharger installed. So, the only way it could have been installed is from the factory. So, how do I find out whether it has one? What ...
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Broken turbocharger - what is the best option, repair, buy new or find a used one? [closed]

My car is a VW Golf 5 1.9 TDI (77 kw), year 2005. After establishing that my turbocharger was destroyed I had three options to choose from. There is more insight to what happened in the next ...
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Toyota Avensis Verso D4-D 2002 after turbo & timing belt replacement drives differently

My Toyota broke down the other day, so there was some major work done on the engine. Not exactly unexpected (the mileage is somewhat high), but the failure was quite spectacular. Turbocharger ate ...
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Citeron C4 Picasso I 1.6 THP Turbo Diverter Valve

Having P2262 and P2099 codes, and when I bench the diverter valve with 12v battery, the valve will energize and retract which seems normal. But when it is mounted to the turbo. 1. While looking for ...
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