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Volkswagen van turbo problem

Volkswagen van 2500cc TDI 109 hp year 2004 The problem is that when I'm driving on the slopes it hits a dip and runs out of turbo. That's on the highway when I start to go down I take my foot off the ...
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Something with the turbo

My Vw Jetta 2005 tdi 1.9L has trouble accelerating in low gears. For instance as soon as I switch gear the car accelerates slow and when the rpm reaches around 2-3 it has that power, sometimes. In the ...
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Citeron Turbo Wastegate Actuator Setup

Hoping someone here will have the turbo wastagate actuator setting/specification. for the Citroen C4 Picasso I 1.6 thp EP6/AL4 I got the car used, about 2 years ago, and it is not lacking any power, ...
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How can I diagnose intermittent low boost on a turbocharged diesel?

When driving around 120/140 kmph and applying max gas, normally the force/torque can be really felt from the turbo. However sometimes its just not there / no extra pull, also the consumption meter ...
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97 Eclipse GST Turbo

I switched my Turbo from the T25 Garrett to a 16g TDO5. I have been having to get my car beyond 3500 RPM before boost actually begins. Is this a problem or is this normal before boost? Should it ...
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1997 Subaru WRX STI Type R - Strange and occasional turbo lag

After a longer drive (45 minutes on highway) my turbo is spooling but not putting power to the tires. The revs just kinda bounce there like it's hitting a limiter but it's only around 5k rpm. This ...
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