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2002 Mazda Tribute - where do I attach the speed detection circuit wire?

Pioneer dmh w2770nex radio install into 2002 Tribute. I'm using a metra wiring harness, I have two wires left...speed detection circuit and the parking brake on/off (light green wire). Where do I ...
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1 answer

Revs go up when I depress clutch pedal

As I was driving my 2001 Mazda Tribute today I was pulling up to a red light and I depressed the clutch pedal as I came to a stop. Once the clutch pedal was depressed the revs suddenly shot up to ...
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What causes a vehicle to idle so low that it stalls?

My 2003 Mazda tribute is idling extremely low and shuts it self off when stopped for longer than a 30-45 seconds. There is no check engine or anything but I ran a I/M test and it showed these problems:...
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2003 Mazda Tribute lost power

I have a 2003 Mazda Tribute with the V6. The battery light will occasionally come on, sometimes it just flashes, other it stays on. I had the battery and alternator checked at two different auto parts ...
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Battery light on

The battery indicator on the dashboard of my Mazda Tribute (2005) suddenly came on while I was driving, and it has remained on throughout four hours of steady driving. What does this mean? I'm a bit ...
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2006 Mazda Tribute 6 cyl. P1450 P0442

I have been indicating a number of CEL codes, among them 0442, 0452 and 1450. I've replaced the gas cap (twice), charcoal filter, fuel tank pressure sensor, canister purge valve and all the vacuum ...
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2002 mazda tribute rebuilt engine and new oil cooler doesn't fit right

I recently bought a totally remanufactured engine, and to stay within warranty, they make you buy a new oil cooler. I bought an after market one, and it doesn't fit right. The rubber rings have been ...
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I have flickering dash and battery lights

I have a 2003 Mazda Tribute v6. The dash lights when on flicker and I have been told so do the headlights,since I got this in Nov. had a trip to FL and back and no problems except the flickering. I ...
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