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Fixing lumbar support - Lincoln Town Car

My lumbar support stopped working on me and I'm wondering if I can try to fix it myself. I have had spinal fusions and need another one, so it's pretty important to me. I'm kind of a girly girl and ...
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1984 Lincoln Town Car EEV-IV Bucking

I am working on a 1984 Lincoln Town Car with EEV-IV throttle body injection. The car is entirely stock and extremely well taken care of, with all original systems on the car (air injection, EGR, cats)....
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1 answer

2000 lincoln town car - lower ball joint replacement

The old ball joint that came with the moog lower control arm assembly has a snap ring on it. I am replacing it with a new one from Oreilly's that does not come with a snap ring? My question is: should ...
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What does this clicking noise mean when trying to (unsuccessfully) start my 2004 Lincoln Town Car?

I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose this car problem (car won't start). I made a short video here so you can hear the noise it makes when trying to start: [video removed] Short summary of the ...
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4 answers

Car won't pickup speed, only goes about 30 MPH. Why?

I have a 95 Lincoln Town Car Signature. For less then the past week my car hasn't been wanting to pick up the speed like it should. After going to see about a diagnostic test done, they want so much ...
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Engine turns but won't start -- 3 months later

I'm not a car guru. I'm trying to start a 2004 Lincoln Town Car. This is the first time I've tried to start the car since coming back to town after 3 months out of town. The engine turns over, but won'...
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2 answers

**strong burnt rubber odor** coming from the passenger side REAR tire area

I can smell a strong burnt rubber odour coming from the passenger side REAR tire area. I sprayed that tire and that area with some water and a lot of steam/smoke arose. I then sprayed the other ...
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