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Is a click torque wrench more accurate in the middle or close to the top end of its range?

Given the choice between 10-to-150 lb.ft and 25-to-250 lb.ft click torque wrenches, which would you choose if you're only interested in tightening car wheel bolts to 88.5 lb.ft? The equivalent metric ...
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Using bicycle tool and technique for lug nuts

Since I already have two 1/4″ torque wrenches for bicycle work (click style; 20 Nm and beam style; 9 Nm), I am hoping that my 3/8″ torque wrench (Beam style; 90 Nm — 800 inch.pound) would be adequate ...
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Is there a work-around for a lack of clearance to use my torque-wrench?

Having shelled out for a torque-wrench, there is insufficient space/clearance to use it on a K7M engine. I have no workshop so am light on tools. I'm hoping the only answer is not "buy a suitably-...
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How much does extension bar reduce torque wrench accuracy?

I have been told not to use extension bar when torqing to spec because it allegedly compromises the accuracy thereof. However, reality is such that some bolts are so inconveniently set that it is ...
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Torque wrench not clicking anticlockwise

I am replacing the rear dampers on my car and I wanted to use a brand new torque wrench to tighten the self locking nut to the damper shaft here : However, it is an anticlockwise tightening, so I ...
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What is the difference between an automatic torque wrench and a click wrench?

What is the difference between an automatic torque wrench and a click torque wrench? Right now the 1/2inch torque wrench I use on my Jeep is a really cheep one I bought on amazon and it clicks when ...
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