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Tools used to repair motor vehicles. Avoid shopping questions.

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Can I use Ceramic Extreme Lubricant as I would Aluminum/Nickel Anti-Seize?

I would like to buy a tub of Anti-Seize. I'd like to make sure that it's has a wide possibility of uses. I already have a tub/bottle of Permatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant. Can this ...
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Cleaning up spilled loctite thread locking compound

I spilled locktite red 271 in my toolbox drawer. It's dried and is covering the plastic tray as well as some of the tools. Is there anything that will dissolve it?
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What is a screw head with a circle and 3 lines called?

I have a 16 year old Ford Ikon car and that got a kind of weird screws all over (mainly at the bumber). Attached the image for reference. What is this type of screw is called? I don't find any screw ...
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how to connect pressure gauge to fuel line

2009 toyota corolla 1.8L How can I find connectors to tee in a pressure gauge to my fuel line? The fuel lines are pipes so it's not possible to cut one to tee in. Below are instructions from the ...
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Are there tools for fixing coil spring into its slots?

I am trying to change the timing belt on my Hyundai Accent, and it has a thick coil spring that pushes the tensioner towards the belt. It is relatively easy to remove it, but putting it back can be ...
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