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Hints for solving a variety of motor vehicle maintenance and repair issues, especially problems that require experiential knowledge to solve or are not covered by traditional books or other resources.

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Best way to fix (or hack) a warped exhaust manifold?

The front exhaust manifold on my 2002 Ford Escape is warped. The problem is the catalytic converter is integrated into the exhaust manifold so a new one is like $800 and you can't get them at either ...
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Technique to driving over parking lot speed bumps [closed]

I live in a large apartment block and the parking is 3 floors down, with a speed bump on each floor parking level. The speed bumps are very aggressive and seem squared off like in the picture below ...
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Should I put cement in my trunk for the winter?

Growing up in snowy northern Michigan, I got used to the idea of my mom putting bags of cement in the trunk (over the rear wheels) to "improve traction" during the winter months, when at any given ...
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How can I check if handlebars are straight?

My motorbike took a pretty hard hit and I am suspecting that my steering is crooked. How can I check if my handlebars are straight/does not deviate from its originally intended shape?
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What emergency gear and tools should I keep in my vehicle?

Apart from the mandatory emergency gear that should be in cars (early warning devices, fire extinguishers, visibility vest, first aid kit) what other tools should I get? Flashlight Gas Container ...
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How do I tell if I screwed up my oil change?

I just changed my oil in my 2500 HD Silverado for the first time by myself. I've changed my oil in a 2004 Toyota Camry a handful of times, but I always had a friend supervise me. I need to know common ...
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How can I check if a wheel axle is straight?

I might have bent the front axle of my motorbike. How can i check if a wheel axle is straight? I'm looking for tips on how to do this in case i don't have dedicated tools available.
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What's the best place to safely store a life hammer?

This is not really a maintenance question, but I figured this would be a good place to ask. I have a life hammer in the glove compartment, but I'm having doubts about where to store it. I figure that ...
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Smart and effective ways to light up a garage without relying on power outlets?

I am currently renting an garage in an underground parking lot. The garage has no light inside nor electric plugs. The only form of illumination available comes from the few neon lights in the ...
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How can I remember when to service my vehicle?

Servicing intervals are usually specified using kilometrage, years, or a combination of both. For example my motorbike has servicing intervals every 1000/12000/24000/36000/48000/etc. months xor 6/12/...
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What is the proper way to bleed brakes and replace the fluid?

What is the proper way to replace the brake fluid in a car? What tools are required? I want to make sure I do not get any air or bubbles in the system as this is something that needs to be done right ...
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