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A belt used in overhead cam internal combustion engines to the keep the camshaft and crankshaft synchronized. This tag is not to be used for timing-chain related problems.

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Strange noise from timing belt area

I just changed the timing belt and water pump on my 98 Mazda 626. After I got everything reassembled I started up the engine. I had been running the engine for a few minutes, revved it up to around ...
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Timing Belt need replacing? Unknown mileage

I bought my car used, and unfortunately I have no idea when the timing belt was last changed. I decided to open the timing belt cover today to take a look. The top of the belt seemed a bit shiny but I'...
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Does a timing chain need maintenance?

Does a timing chain (as opposed to timing belt) need any specific maintenance? In particular I'm talking about a BMW Z4
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How to tell if timing belt is due to be changed by visual inspection?

I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla with a 1.3 litre 4EFE non-interference petrol engine. The car has 90,000 miles on the clock, I have owned it for five years and clocked up 30,000 of those miles myself. I ...
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95 Honda civic timing marks

I have a 95 Honda civic with a D16Z6 engine. I was trying to check the timing on the car, and wanted to get the engine to TDC. There were a few marks on the cam gear. There was no up pointing arrow, ...
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Low power, bad gas mileage, smelly exhaust after engine work

My 92 Civic has had low power (need to use at least one gear lower than usual to get the same power) and has been getting bad gas mileage (15-25mpg vs 32-42 mpg usual) since I replaced the head gasket....
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How to know if timing belt failure will result in immediate engine damage?

I own two cars: a 2003 Acura TL and a 2005 Volvo S60. I've been told that depending on what car you drive, a failed timing belt can result in immediate engine damage. I would like to know (not just ...
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Is this repair estimate for misfiring and fuel trim on a '98 Mercedes reasonable?

Just got a '98 Benz ml320 and two days later it cut off on me, twice, within about 5 minutes. I took it for a diagnostic. I'm wondering how overpriced this estimate is and possible ideas of best ...
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Timing chain cycle vs. sprocket marker position

I reinstalled the timing chain on my V6 Tacoma as per the Toyota official spec and the Haynes manual. I made sure that the marker notches on the intake camshaft sprockets line up to the marks on the ...
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'Re-Timing' my Engine after timing belt removal

I have little mechanical experience. I decided to try and do the Timing Belt / Water Pump in my 2003 Subaru Outback ( Interference Engine ). Watched a video where someone neglected to put the engine ...
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jacking the engine for timing belt replacement

Is this a general guideline or is it compulsory for changing the timing belt ? Does the engine need to be taken off its mounts too or only jacked up a bit ? Does it apply to any car or just to some ? ...
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Timing belt issue

I recently got a Mitsubishi L200 Trojan K74 4D56 2006, and after getting through its MOT, I decided to do full service and change belts etc. I followed instructions from the workshop manual http://...
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If the timing belt doesn't turn with the starter, is it broken?

So, I've got a 07 eclise 2.4. It ran fine on my way to work, but when I shut it off it wouldn't start again. I checked the basics (fuses, battery, plugs, coils) with no success. I then checked the cam ...
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Can camshaft seal leaking hurt timing belt and cause sudden engine breakdown while driving? - Volvo XC90

Volvo service told me that the camshaft seal of my Volvo XC90 needs to be replaced for $1000. I see no oil on the timing belt, its dry. It just has some black dust. If there is real leak, can it ...
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Vibrating sound and shaking when turning the wheel after changing timing belt?

On Monday I went to the mechanic to replace a ripped timing belt (red arrow in the picture). He also replaced some wheelie that was damaged. He told me that green circled box in the picture was the ...
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timing belt replacement for Suzuki New Vitara, APK416D engine [duplicate]

I wonder if i could do it in my front yard. Main concerns I guess would be not dropping the engine to the ground and installing the mounting bracket back after job is finished. Also, first step is ...
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