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Is there a work-around for a lack of clearance to use my torque-wrench?

Having shelled out for a torque-wrench, there is insufficient space/clearance to use it on a K7M engine. I have no workshop so am light on tools. I'm hoping the only answer is not "buy a suitably-...
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How much does extension bar reduce torque wrench accuracy?

I have been told not to use extension bar when torqing to spec because it allegedly compromises the accuracy thereof. However, reality is such that some bolts are so inconveniently set that it is ...
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When to use threadlocker?

Despite the use of threadlocker being somewhat widespread (e.g. repair videos), I have yet to see a single recommendation to use it in any service manual. Perhaps this is my relative inexperience, but ...
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Is 96 inch pounds a lot of force?

*Quick story: I replace many parts on my 02 Ford Escape but there's still a vacuum leak. Today I spray carb cleaner on lower intake and found where the leak is coming from. I must not have put the ...
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Bolt torque estimation based on angle and material

Is there a valid generic formula to roughly estimate a bolt's tightening torque similar to the "tighten by hand until seated, tighten XXX degrees more with your wrench"? I have used for many ...
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