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Device which is used to disengage the clutch, which disconnects the power output of the engine to the transmission.

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Will greasing clutch parts make it softer

I have a Subaru STI 2009 with 180k kilometers on it a very hard clutch, closer to a truck than a usual car. It works fine and has been that way for at least the two years I've had the car but it is so ...
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Car Hissing on Neutral After Checking Spark Plug

So last night, two days after examining one spark plug and putting it back in, I noticed a hissing sound from the front of the car. This hissing goes away completely when I press the clutch pedal in. ...
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Throw out bearing, input shaft bearing, or drive shaft support bearing?

I have a '94 BMW 318is manual transmission. I hear a grinding/whirring noise while driving that sounds to me like a bad bearing. I typically hear it when I engage the clutch. The sounds is more ...
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What will happen if the clutch release/throw out bearing fails?

I drive a 1988 Mazda RX-7 non-turbo 5spd. The previous owner claims the clutch was done last July(little under a year ago) and I have no reason to doubt such claims. I do believe the clutch release ...
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Replaced clutch on '84 Bronco 2, now clutch does not disengage

I replaced the clutch on an '84 Ford Bronco 2 (2.9L). After removing the transmission I found out that the throw-out bearing and slave cylinder were completely destroyed. I replaced both parts and ...
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