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What types of thread-locking Loctite do I need to be aware of as an automotive DIY-er?

I am very confused when it comes to distinguishing between the different grades of red and blue Loctite. Are the different grades of Loctite intended for different torque ratings? Which Loctite(s) is/...
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What thread lock is appropriate for caliper bracket bolts?

I drive a 2003 Ford Ranger with front disc brakes. About two years ago I replaced the rotors and pads and am sure I used a thread lock during assembly (and torqued to spec). The other day when I was ...
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How long does it take for threadlocker to cure?

Is there any spec or rough estimate for when threadlocker can be assumed to have fully cured? Most of the time it’s never an issue to know precisely when threadlocker completely cures but I pondered ...
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Does Loctite 270 wick?

I have a bottle of Loctite 270, which looks like it's a green threadlocker. According to this post green Loctites can wick into the threads of pre-assembled components. An example of this is Loctite ...
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Cleaning up spilled loctite thread locking compound

I spilled locktite red 271 in my toolbox drawer. It's dried and is covering the plastic tray as well as some of the tools. Is there anything that will dissolve it?
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When to use threadlocker?

Despite the use of threadlocker being somewhat widespread (e.g. repair videos), I have yet to see a single recommendation to use it in any service manual. Perhaps this is my relative inexperience, but ...
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Oil sump bolt: blue-loctite... too tight, even with leverage. What now?

Busy doing an oil change. I have inserted engine flush, and now am ready to drain. But.... I have tried loosening this oil-sump bolt/plug and it is going absolutely nowhere unless I'm prepared to push ...
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Threadlock Permatex 24200 vs 24209

I am preparing myself to safety my car. And one of the important components when dealing with wheels and brakes is thread-locks. I decided to go the Permatex brand, thought anyone should just work ...
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02 Ford Escape - Advice for replacing EGR valve (w/tube) with one from a junk yard?

For some reason this sensor melted. I had been needing to replace that tube anyways and I don't think trying to just replace that sensor would be a good idea. So I go down to the junkyard and get a ...
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