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Questions tagged [theory]

Use this tag when the question is **primarily** about the underlying ideas behind how something works. This tag should be used in conjunction with another tag for the area of interest, for example [electrical] or [suspension]. It should not be used "stand alone." Please use the [engine-theory] tag for those questions.

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Can a Battery Conductance Test tell the difference between damaged plates and sulfation?

I'm just going to lay out my assumptions, or what I think I know, so that there's a better context for the question. I understand that there are basically four main situations in which a standard ...
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Why did old cars have really long throw shifters?

What was the reason that old cars had very long throw shifters and that modern cars now have much shorter throw shifters? For example even old sports cars like the urmodell generation of 911 had very ...
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How does an epicyclic differential split torque?

How does an epicyclic differential split torque even when rotating as a single locked unit with no relative motion between its parts? Should it not have 50/50 torque split because its all rotating as ...
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Why ambient temperature used to measure pressure for car ac system

Since the ac system is located mostly inside a car engine and the car is warmed up prior to adding freon, and the temp/humidity in engine bay is different from ambient temperature//humidity, and all ...
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Do all cars rust eventually even with repeated proper rustproofing methods?

My understanding is that rustproofing works and lasts when done properly, but once the coating used to rustproof wears off I'm guessing the process to rustproof needs to be done all over again. With ...
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