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My car keys are being “held” hostage after someone found them and removed the AirTag

So I think I dropped my car keys in the laundry room of the apartment where I live, but fortunately enough, I have an AirTag attached to it, and for added peace of mind, I have a steering wheel lock, ...
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Headless bolts blocking ignition swap on '16 CBR

Is there a good way to remove headless bolts? My lock cylinder was ruined from an attempted theft over a year ago. I got a replacement from the same model and my self-repair is being blocked by these ...
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Which wire to cut from OBD2 connector to prevent theft of a Mini Cooper S?

Just bought a Mini Cooper S convertible 2013 and read about the way thieves steal cars nowadays: by copying the key via the OBD2 connector. There are several (expensive) solutions for this out there, ...
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Mercedes M1 broken into but no physical damage. Multiple times

My Mercedes M1 (2012) was broken into last night, however they did not steal the car, and there was no physical damage to the doors or the window frame. All of the windows where up and the car was ...
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2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Radio Theftlock

Blew the bulb in my stock radio, picked up another radio from the junk yard, and of course there's the theftlock (I should've known). I've read about being able to get a code by holding down various ...
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Attempted key copy leads to immobilizer activating

I attempted to get the key copy for my 2003 Honda Civic at Lowe's. They could not make a copy of it but now my car won't start due to the immobilizer being activated. Less than 15 minutes between ...
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Is it legal to cover VIN? and/or useful? [closed]

A recommendation I heard recently to avoid some types of car theft is to cover your vehicle's VIN plate so potential thieves don't have ready access to the VIN. I would like to know: Is it legal (in ...
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What are some things to check for after hood was burgled?

When I exited a restaurant, and went to my car, I did not think much of it that a gang was running away from my vehicle, as there are gangs everywhere where I live. But when I got on the highway, I ...
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Does disconnecting the battery have negative side effects?

A recent answer at a sister site suggested disconnecting the battery routinely. I often disconnect my battery before embarking on a hike. Especially if I am in a remote location. This is a nice way ...
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My KARR alarm gets disarmed by someone else's remote(s) occasionally

KARR is the de-facto supported alarm system for Toyotas. I have one as well (2007 Toyota Yaris), but I stopped using it for the last 5-6 years because someone else's remote in the garage disarmed it. ...
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2005 Chrysler 300c won't start, possibly connected with theft alarm system

My 2005 Chrysler 300c won't start. I bought the car used and it came with two keys. One of the keys has the chip in it, and the other one doesn't (just the key, without any electronics). Two days ago, ...
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I hate thieves - Ideas on DIY deterrents

My girlfriends car, along with another one in the same parking lot were broken into last night. They took her radio surprisingly without damaging the dash. From the neighbor's car they stole ID's and ...
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Which of these parts can protect my gasoline from theft?

I am aware of this question, and I believe the answer there is excellent. But what I'm asking for is the list below and what to make of it. Some people in my neighbourhood have been stealing gasoline ...
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Disabling OBD2-Interface in a car

If a car-thief wants to steal a modern car, he often uses the OBD2 (On Board diagnosis) to "hack" the car. Simplified: He achieves this by plugging his "hacking device" in the port, which aquieres ...
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What is the State of the Ignition Pin of a Vehicle?

I got a Vehicle Tracking Unit, The Connection required is Red - +12V Black - GND Green - Ignition. I need to test the unit before putting it into the car. So to simulate the ignition procedure, what ...
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Preventing Car Theft by Removing Fuses

My car was recently stolen in the middle of the night, and I just bought a replacement. I'd like a simple, cheap way of disabling the vehicle, and I was thinking of doing something like just pulling ...
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