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Fuse for reverse light

I have a 2010 GMC Terrain that both reverse lights don’t work. I can’t seem to find what fuse to look for.
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Can I put 255/40 R20 tyres against manufacturer recommended 225/60 R17 on GMC terrain 2015 SLE2 version

I have GMC terrain SLE2 trim 2015 model with R17 225/60 tyres as manufacturer recommendation. When I bought this car, it was installed with 275/40 R20 tyre. However, now its time for for tyre change, ...
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Light bars for off-road vehicle

Im thinking of adding some lights (specifically a light bar of some sort)to my off-road 4x4 vehicle. I don't want to connect it to my battery or electrics as this will void my electrics' warranty on ...
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Tire pressure and new tires

I bought new tires in September. I have returned to the place I purchased them many times due to malfunctions. I feel like I am putting air in my tires all of the time. I know with temperature change ...
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2010 GMC Terrain misfires & leans codes

My 2010 GMC Terrain while maintaining a speed of around 60 - 70 mph starts to hesitate and if I don't release my foot from the pedal I will get flashing check egine. I've noticed it likes to happen ...
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Is car axle and shocks for SUV/pickups and sedans so different?

Over here we have regular roads and highways, but there are tons of potholes everywhere. The potholes aren't huge (if I hit any of them, the car frame won't touch the road), but there are many. Many ...
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Oil change done wrong

So I recently took my 2011 GMC Terrain to get an oil change. My truck takes synthetic oil so oil changes are pretty pricey! It’s only been about 2 1/2 weeks since I gotten this oil change and since ...
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Tire rotation, and wheel alignment led to broken tire pressure sensor

I had my 2012 GMC Terrain serviced: Tire Rotation Brake System Flush Wheel Alignment Before taking the vehicle in, there were no outward signs (alerts, false-positives or otherwise) of any problems ...
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