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How can free up a stiff drive-belt tensioner. Is there a suitable spray or lubricant I can use?

I have a drive-belt tensioner, on a K7M 1.6 8v, which was initially not moving to allow me to re-place the serpentine-/drive-belt. I managed to get it moving, but it's still a little stiff. Can apply ...
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Obnoxious squealing when starting truck and when accelerating from a stop

My 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS 4x4 has been making a nasty squeal when starting it and when I accelerate from a stop. I'm not sure exactly what is causing it. The water pump, timing belt, and ...
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Nissan Cube 2013 tensioner replacement

I need to replace the tensioner on my 2013 Nissan Cube. What tools would work best to do this job? I'm having trouble removing the old tensioner because it's in such a tight space. I believe it's a ...
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2011 Skoda 1.8 TSI with a loose chain and oil pressure and cam codes

I just bought a second hand 2011 Skoda Suberb 1.8 TSI with 190K kilometers on the clock. Same engine as the Audi A4. It was a trade in and the dealer was selling it for half book so I knew to look for ...
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Are there tools for fixing coil spring into its slots?

I am trying to change the timing belt on my Hyundai Accent, and it has a thick coil spring that pushes the tensioner towards the belt. It is relatively easy to remove it, but putting it back can be ...
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Timing chain tensioner broke apart, piece dropped into engine

'07 cobalt LS 2.2 L ecotec; 70K miles Car had chain noise on startup, so I decided to replace the (timing chain) tensioner. This was straightforward, until I took the old one out. It had come apart, ...
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