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The meaning of budding technology

could someone help me understand what a budding technology is? Budding usually means "being in an early developmental stage", but I don't think this definition applies in this context. Thank ...
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Friction zone on a slipper assist clutch

I have been wondering about this for a while now, and no one I asked seems to know what the answer is. A slipper/assist clutch has a set of ramps that work to reduce the clutch engagement when the ...
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What advances in material technology, have made serpentine belts last longer?

This article on serpentine belts says: "Vehicle manufacturers recommend inspection and replacement of the serpentine belt between 60k and 90k miles. Advances in material technology allow some ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using lithium batteries in automotive applications?

Motor vehicles are usually powered by lead-acid batteries. However, a new player has recently begun showing its power in the automotive battery sector: lithium polymer batteries (such as LiFePo4's). ...
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How would a camshaft start moving during a cold start?

I want to know how would a camshaft ( and valves by association ) start moving on a cold start up? What gets them running and moving. Are there something they connect to to get them going?
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What are the differences between a normal and an anti-hopping/slipper clutch?

Obviously an anti-hopping clutch won't make the motorbike hop. How is this achieved? What are the mechanical and functional differences between a normal and an anti-hopping/slipper clutch?
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