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Ford Focus 2010 1.6 'Engine malfunction' warning and no power

Driving today was fine for maybe a mile until I joined the motorway(highway). Once I was building up speed it came up with 'engine malfunction' on the display with the alarm sound and then started ...
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Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel hissing noise

My 2010 Ford Focus zetec 1.6 Diesel Tdci sounds like it's hissing when it's cold. Once it's up to temp dissapears. I've only had the car a few weeks so is all new to me(cars in general). The car ...
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PSA 1.6tdci metallick "clicking" - possible hydraulic lifter?

My 2007 Volvo V50 1.6tdci (380.000km) suddenly started to have a metallic clicking sound when I got off the freeway the other day (see video: The sound ...
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Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi not starting after engine rebuild. (flooded vehicle repaired )

I have a Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi 2006 model. The car have been flooded and the had it cleaned and The Head Changed, Pistons and rings changed, have it checked with OBD2 scanner. Everything looks fine. ...
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Ford Mondeo 2006 TDCI won't start

First of all I am new to the forum world but I have reached a dead end and would welcome any new input. My Mondeo was driving perfectly when suddenly and without any warning symptoms the engine cut ...
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Ford Fusion (uk) 1.4 TDCi power loss (revs top out early, loses speed on hills).. MAF? EGR? Turbo?

Latest update (5th March): Okay, so a friend and his mechanic friend with full diagnostic on his computer was able to take a look at the info from diagnostics, and also took a physical inspection on ...
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Turbo Diesel Smoke from Fuel Filter body

A friend of ours has a 2005 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI which is a common rail turbo diesel. Today, lots of white smoke came from under the bonnet (hood) which appeared to be coming from the fuel filter. ...
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Why when I turn the front wheels by hand, the crankshaft doesn't rotate?

I'm after head gasket replacement and I'm trying to adjust valve clearance. 2 wheels of a fwd 1995 Renault Twingo are lifted off the ground, the engine is in gear, but the crankshaft doesn't turn ...
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Ford DuraTorq TDCi EGR system (Euro4) operation, blanking

Specifically the 2008-on (Euro-4 emissions compliant) 2.2 diesel as fitted to Jaguar X-Type (and Mondeo, Transit, etc.) but I suspect the entire DuraTorq family are the same: I've seen EGR blanking ...
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Ford TDCi 1.6: more performance in cold weather

For some time, I've had a problem with the performance of my Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi (Diesel): when accelerating hard in the 3rd or 4th gear, there was a performance drop and I sometimes had to go off the ...
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2008 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI cranks but won´t start

Ok, so I´m having this problem with a 2008 Ford Mondeo mk4 with a 2.0 TDci engine code AZBA, same one Peugeot uses in other cars such as the 407. Car was having trouble a few days back to start ...
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Re-programming injection pump on French Ford Focus TDCi

I replaced the engine on my 2003 Ford Focus (French TDCi) and I plugged it to clear the error codes. Now it starts ok but stops after 10 minutes. I read that when a new injection pump is installed, ...
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