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Questions tagged [sync]

Ford produced in-car electronics device. Sub-categories include MyFord, MyFord Touch, Applink, and Sync3.

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1 answer

UK 2017 Ford Fiesta Bluetooth issues

I am having issues with playing media trough Bluetooth on ford sync. Spotify on my phone seems to think the media is playing on the infotainment system but the infotainment system does not seem to ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Ford Sync problem

I have a 2014 ford fusion se with the regular radio,media,phone set up. Recently I haven't been able to use the Bluetooth, or phone option at all, even though I could prior to this. Nothing ...
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0 answers

Does Ford SYNC 2 resolve unresponsivness issues? [closed]

I've read a lot about My Ford Touch issues with being slow and unresponsive. Does Sync 2 resolve those errors?
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Ford Sync MyTouch Weather

Is there a weather app or screen related for Ford Sync MyTouch with Nav installed. GM OnStar let you get radar overlays while driving. EDIT - SOLVED - It was Under Sync Services. After I clicked ...
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