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Brand new alternator: only 2 Volts

I just installed a brand new alternator in my car. The output voltage is just above 2V regardless of engine RPM. The exciter voltage from the battery is A-OK. The previous alternator had the same ...
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Suzuki swift 2011 p0403 with current malfunction error

Suzuki swift 2011 have p0403 with current malfunction error, all 6 wires are working fine and i replaced egr valve also. But still showing p0403 and engine have small missing on slow running. How to ...
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Suzuki swift VVT oil sensor leak oil into belts and alternator

Suzuki swift VVT oil sensor leak oil into belts and alternator. What kind of issue will cause this oil leak from vvt sensor. Big help
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OBD2 for car customization

i was wondering if it could be possible use CAN protocol to automate some of my car (Suzuki Swift 2016 1.3 DDiS) processes, such as close windows when door get locked. I found lot of applications/...
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Alternator belt whining when plugged in only

There's a friend of mine who has a car (2007 Suzuki Swift petrol 1.3L DOHC 92hp) which has been making a whining noise for a while, the alternator belt broke once few months ago, and during it was ...
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Swift Diesel engine seeing decline in power - Need overhaul or bad turbo?

My 2008 Suzuki Swift Diesel 1.3 DDiS has run about 150,000 kms. In the last few weeks, the car seems to be losing its powerful acceleration. While there is no sudden drop in power while accelerating, ...
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Suzuki Swift Bad Idle

I am having trouble with my Suzuki swift`s bad idle 2009 (Engine M13A - Transmission Manual ). The original problem was when i left the clutch in first gear to start from a stand still the rpm ...
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Loosing Engine Power Mid to High RPM

Have a Suzuki Swift that stalls from mid to high RPM in all gears. It runs great in low RPMS. The Engine was overhauled. What are things to look for? after the original question opened it. It says ...
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Car engine stutters when hot, and sometimes stalls

My car (Suzuki Swift 1999, engine G10A 1.0) stutters and jerks when hot, after driving for like 10 to 15 minutes the problem arise. The strange thing is that when this happens and i turn off the ...
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Suzuki Swift running cold - replaced thermostat and the issue persists

My 1994 Suzuki Swift Sedan 1.3L with 280,0000 miles has been running cold for a while now. I can't get my self warm with the heater in the mornings when there is frost. It surges climbing up a ...
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Jerks on 2nd gear at low speed

My car jerks on second gear when I slow down while on second gear and then want to accelerate back. After changing the plugs and air filter it got a bit better but after driving 500+ miles it is back ...
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