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electrical fault suzuki sv650s 2000

We have a Suzuki sv650s 2000. It was working when bought but now nothing from starter switch. tested the wiring and it's live upto the box under seat then nothing ?
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How to drain the fuel tank on a first gen (2000) SV650?

I’ve got some fuel line (top yellow fuel line in picture) from the petcock to a gas can. I disconnected the vacuum line. I read some cryptic hints about Mity-vacs and opening the throttle but ...
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2004 suzuki sv650s alarm connector

I've recently removed a datatool system 3 alarm and traced all the wires back. From looking at the Haynes book i appear to be missing 'Alarm connector' Can anyone explain what this is and what it ...
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2004 suzuki sv650s fuel pump does not prime or start

I've just purchased this bike as a non runner due to the alarm ( datatool system 3) I bypassed the alarm and it run like a dream. I then proceeded to remove the ararm by following all the wires and ...
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Suzuki sv650s will not start, no lights, no fuel pump, nothing

My sv650s will not start at all. I put the key in the ignition and turn it on and none of my accessory lights come on and the fuel pump doesn't engage. It's done this before and I fixed it originally ...
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1999 Suzuki SV650S - Intermittent clutch lever stiffness

I have a 1999 Suzuki SV650S with 15k miles on the clock. Sometimes the gear/shift pedal is really stiff to down or upshift. About 70% of the time it shifts nice and smooth. I haven't been able to ...
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Suzuki 2004 sv650s wiring

I got a 2004 sv650s Suzuki when I turn the key on the fuel pump does not come on and the CHECK light comes on on the dash. All the lights come on and the starter button does not work.All the fuses are ...
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Fork tube seals Suzuki sv650

So I recently inherited a 2002 Suzuki sv650... It was garage kept for about 6 years and needs some love. I noticed that the rubber seals on top of the fork shock tubes won't stay with the tubes... ...
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why doesn't my motorcycle power on?

I have a Suzuki sv 650 2007. My bike recently turned on head lamps, tail, and gauges. Now it won't power on at all, not even a jump start can turn the power on. What can I do to solve the cause? Does ...
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