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A performance sports car manufactured by Toyota from 1978 to 1998, first as an enhanced Celica, then as its own model. Known for its straight-six engine and road-holding ability.

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How hard would it be to swap a BMW B58 engine into a Supra mk3 A70?

I am still at feasibility study stage. The thinking behind is, since 1JZ & 2JZ swap for A70, A80, A90 Supra are all relatively matured, and A90 Supra is natively using a B58 engine, how hard would ...
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Stick shift - strong judder on pullaway

I learned to drive in a manual transmission car and have been driving them for years; while my clutch control is not perfect, I'm generally very good with it, except in my 1985 Supra. Often when ...
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