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Heating issue in Nissan Sunny Diesel

I am driving Nissan Sunny Diesel in pahalgam Kashmir with a temperature range of -20 to 40. My car is heating slowly. I have changed the thermostat also. But after driving the car almost 30 kms the ...
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Can I install GPS navigation system in Nissan B15?

I'm somewhat sedan enthusiast, and while I'm working in some asian countries, I've got my attention on little old Nissan Sunny car. model name is B15 Sunny. This is the wikipedia link I found for the ...
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Change transmission fluid

I have a 1997 Nissan FB14 Sunny with a GA15 engine (Japanese specs). I want to change the automatic transmission fluid. Can anyone tell me how much Quarts it will take? I don't want to overfill and ...
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temperature rises when the car moves at 80km per/hour, the engine cant idle, it switches it off while idling

When driving at 80km per/hour, the temperature rises high. the car cant idle, the engines switches itself off. by trafic light i cant stop or slow down
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