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Single "thunk" sound when coming to a stop

Vehicles: 1996 Dodge Intrepid, 350,000km, 3.3L V6, 4-speed automatic 2000 Ford Windstar, 168,000km, 3.8L V6, 4-speed automatic Symptoms: I've seen this on 2 vehicles now (the 2 above). When slowing ...
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Royal Enfield classic 350 bs6 very low rpm and engine shutting down

My royal Enfield classic 350 bs6 reddit grey vehicle has some engine shutdown problem. Sometimes when I start the vehicle, it was not starting automatically, I need to give some accelerator to get it ...
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Car stops when I try and take off

Why is my 2011 Chevy Impala trying to stop on me when I take of? The pedal makes a sort of grinding sound when I try to take off and car jerks and stops completely. It's almost like it's trying to ...
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