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Royal Enfield classic 350 bs6 very low rpm and engine shutting down

My royal Enfield classic 350 bs6 reddit grey vehicle has some engine shutdown problem. Sometimes when I start the vehicle, it was not starting automatically, I need to give some accelerator to get it ...
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Car stops when I try and take off

Why is my 2011 Chevy Impala trying to stop on me when I take of? The pedal makes a sort of grinding sound when I try to take off and car jerks and stops completely. It's almost like it's trying to ...
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Is it bad to start and stop engine without driving?

My spouse has decided to turn our garage into a workout area, so every day they pull my car out of the garage, do their workout, then pull it back in. Is all that engine on and off without actually ...
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Should I stop the engine, on a daily short trip?

I have a Nissan Xtrail, 2.0 Diesel with DPF. My routine is like this: During the week, 3 or 4 days I drop my kid to the kindergarten, then leave the car at home and take the bus. Thursday and/or ...
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Does putting your car in park during extended stops during trips prevent transmission from overheating?

We've all been there, waiting on a train at a railroad crossing, or stuck in a traffic jam that doesn't appear to be going anywhere for awhile. Well transmissions are designed to my understanding for ...
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Why does the rear of my vehicle sink when I apply the handbrake on a downward gradient?

This is something that I've always wondered. I'm no mechanic (web developer, actually) with very basic knowledge of vehicle mechanics so I can only guess at something like brake pipe pressure being ...
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Brake have failed. Alternative means of braking [closed]

My brakes on my car have failed. I cannot afford to replace them anytime soon. Is a acceptable to stop a car by putting the car into reverse gear, giving it some gas so it does not stall, and then ...
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IMPULSE Momentum theorem and stopping time of a car [closed]

Can we apply impulse momentum theorem for calculating stopping time of car?
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Single "thunk" sound when coming to a stop

Vehicles: 1996 Dodge Intrepid, 350,000km, 3.3L V6, 4-speed automatic 2000 Ford Windstar, 168,000km, 3.8L V6, 4-speed automatic Symptoms: I've seen this on 2 vehicles now (the 2 above). When slowing ...
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How to correct brake pedal click from the interlock solenoid on a Nissan Titan

I'm familiar with a known issue on the Nissan Titan regarding clicking/popping from the shifters located in the center console. When coming to a stop you can hear a distinct clicking sound. After ...
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How would you stop if the ignition switch failed while driving?

A link posted in this answer describes a potential engineering flaw in GM ignition switches that can result in a car losing power while driving, and accidents where airbags do not deploy. I drive a ...
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2 answers

Manual Transmission - Why Can't I leave in gear at Light

Everywhere I read, people say to shift into neutral at a light, and some say just to hold the clutch in which I understand unnecessarily wears the throw out bearing. Why can you not just shift to ...
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Most reliable way to stop an automatic with a stuck throttle

I was thinking about a recent question here as well as that 2009 Toyota incident. I'm not particularly paranoid of this happening, as it's highly unlikely, but I do like to mentally run through sticky ...
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Proper way to stop auto transmission car

I'm just having my first auto transmission car, with press to start button. How I start the car Press the brake pedal Press the "press to start" button to turn on engine Move gear from "P" to "R" (...
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