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Car steering issues

I have a 2011 GMC Acadia SLE. I can move the steering wheel easily even though the car is off. I can even move the front tires with relative ease side to side. What could be the problem, if any? I ...
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Steering wheel stays locked 97 Z3

My steering wheel stays locked even after car is started. Hard to turn key also. It's 97 manual transmission Z3. Been service regularly. It has 122,000 miles on it. I'm wondering is it hydraulic issue....
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Acura TLX momentarily flashing check brakes, then dying. What is going on?

I have a 2016 Acura TLX with ~50k miles on it. Recently, it's been behaving quite strangely, typically associated with a brief, but never permanent, flashing of the 'check brakes' light. If [whatever ...
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Cars with too much fangled software

For cars with a push button parking brake, is there a universal method to unlock the parking brake, eg when a crucial circuit board malfunctions? For cars with a push button engine start and steering ...
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Steering and Ignition locked Alfa Romeo 1995 GTV Spider

I’ve recently bought an old Alfa Romeo 1995 GTV spider with the intention of getting it back to working order. The issue at the moment is that the steering wheel is locked and the key won’t turn ...
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vx 2002 commodore Seized when going from reverse to drive

Tonight, i was reversing uphill to exit a park, put my car into drive and it Seized up. I had no control over steering or my break pedal, it would also not start up again. the only other issue ive had ...
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2005 C200 Kompressor steering lock

My 2005 C200 Kompressor's steering wheel is locked and I can't turn the key; the remote opens the doors but the dashboard lights switch off in about five seconds. The battery's voltage is 12.22 now ...
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1 answer

Honda Odyssey: Neutral/unlocked steering wheel without draining battery?

I need to tow (front-wheel dolly) my 2014 Odyssey Elite about 50 miles. Which means that it needs to be in neutral, and the steering wheel needs to be unlocked. Unfortunately, the normal condition ...
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96 corolla: is there a way to break steering wheel lock with only minimal damage?

Long story short - after diagnosing my 96 corolla with a blown head gasket (thanks to the members this community), it now needs to be moved to a final resting place where I will hack away at its ...
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2 answers

Ignition key gets blocked when wheels are removed and fixed again

In my Toyota Vitz 2007, whenever a wheel is removed and fixed again, I cannot easily turn the key and start the engine. If I turn the steering wheel a little bit, then I can turn the key. What is ...
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Automatic car won't start, steering wheel won't turn, key just makes car click etc - but radio works?

Someone else was in the driver seat and they were trying to drive. At one point I took out the key and when he put it back in the car wouldn't start. This was yesterday and it still won't start. The ...
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