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Kawasaki EX650 - What causes a stator to burn out?

My motorcycle recently required a new stator (plus a new regulator rectifier and battery) because the stator burnt out and fried everything. What are the typical causes of a burnt-out stator? Does ...
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Stator and Rotor vs Magneto

I'm familiar with magnetos from aircraft engines, and alternators from car engines. I'm learning more about motorcycle systems now, and studying stator and rotor systems. This article has helped me. ...
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How to Properly Reinstall Rotor and Stator on Suzuki DL1000

Background I am attempting to reinstall a new Rotor and Stator onto my DL1000. I uninstalled the old parts over a year ago and haven't gotten around to the rebuild until this summer. I have some ...
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How to diagnose a bad stator?

Consider the following diagram : This is for a Polaris sportsman 700 2003 ATV On the top right corner, you have the information to check if the stator function properly. For the first three coils, ...
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Bolt accessories

What’s called an accessory that doesn't let the bolt to come out from cover and get lost after unscrewed? Many a times I lost bolts after unscrewing, but there’s an arrangement I’ve seen with which ...
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Will changing the stator help sustain electrical accessories?

I have music on my motorcycle and LED lights. I find myself charging my battery a lot. So do I need to change the stator or alternator to help hold the power for my accessories or the regulator?
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Comer TAG 60 gokart engine. How to troubleshoot ignition system

Does anyone know the voltage expected from the stator at a the rotations per minute given by the stater motor?
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03 Suzuki GSXR 600 stator wires

I ended up having to hard wire my stator after the plug burnt up. I've no issues except small oil leak from the stator cover. Well after taking it off time and time again and attempting to fix it I ...
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2 stroke motorcycle is fouling spark plugs after stator change

I got a 1998 Yamaha TDR 125 (4FU) 2 stroke motorcycle. It has a Mikuni TM28SS/1 flat side carburetor. I recently had to change the stator coil (the previous one burned down, due to wet conditions), ...
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Why can't I get a spark?

I have an early 70's Honda SL125 engine and I'm trying to wire it up so that it can run without the battery. I found this guide and I've followed it and ...
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Why doesn't my chopper have electrical power?

I have a Custom Chopper with a 1992 1340evo, my voltage regulator rectifier came unplugged from the starter. I plugged it back in and it started and ran. The next day, I started the bike and it ran ...
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Cause of stator burn on ER-6F 2009

So yesterday I stopped for gas and when I tried starting the bike again it did not work. After some google-ing I found it was probably the stator. When I opened up the bike the stator had a burn spot. ...
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GY6 scooter spark plug getting voltage, but no spark?

I have a gy6 scooter that's not getting any spark, but I've done troubleshooting on the whole system (except the stator) and I can't find anything wrong. Every part I've checked from the stator power ...
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